One of the biggest headaches of signing up new clients is onboarding. Typically there's no way of getting round it, until MeetMonty arrived.

Let's say you build out a complete funnel for an architect. If you were to sell the same service to another client, you would normally have to repeat all of the steps to build the funnel for them. Resulting in you having to spend time and resources on setting up another client using the same processes. 

We highlighted this as a problem for agencies early on, so we did something about it.

MeetMonty gives you the option to save accounts that have already been built as templates, which allow you to re-use them across different sub-accounts that you create. 

When you create an account template, this is what is placed into the template : 

  • Workflow Automations
  • Sequence Campaigns
  • Message Templates
  • Pipelines
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Events

*Websites and landing pages can also be used as templates, this is how to set that up. 

How to create an account template

  1. Browse to Settings > Account Templates
  2. Click the 'Add New Template' button
  3. Give it a title and choose which sub-account to copy the funnel from.
  4. You can then choose which sub-account you would like to apply the template to. 
  5. Once you click the 'Create Impression' button, your template will be applied to the selected sub-account. This process usually takes around 1 minute to complete. 

How to apply a template to multiple accounts

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the template you have already created
  2. Click next and choose the new sub-account where you would like to apply the next template.

Please bear in mind that this will only apply the template from the day and time that it was created. If you have updated it since, you will need to create a new template with the most recent version.